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Characteristics of the Innovative University (2010)

Technology Transfer; Make the Contact, Get the Contract (2008)

From Idea to Reality: 12 Researcher stories (2008)

Technology Transfer and EconomicDevelopment (2007)

The Human Experiment

The History of Modern Culture (2006)

The Genius award (2004)

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Gert Balling
Telefon: (+45) 6066 7809

I am working with knowledge transfer between public research institutions and industry. Hold a master's degree in Media Studies and Modern Culture from University of Copenhagen and Albert Ludwigs Universität in Freiburg, Germany. And a PhD from the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark and UCLA, USA.

I am Impact Assessment Manager at the Novo Nordisk Foundation, that is an independent Danish foundation with corporate interests. The objective of the Novo Nordisk Foundation is twofold: To provide a stable basis for the commercial and research activities conducted by the companies within the Novo Group and to support scientific and humanitarian purposes.

Latest highlights:

Impact Assessment Manager at the Novo Nordisk Foundation 2014. Invited by KIAT as moderator at Korea EUREKA Day; Gateway to Korean and European Innovation, Istanbul, 2013 Key Note at the conference International Ecosystems: the Role of University, Science Parks, Incubators and Early stage Capital at Open Innovation Seminar, Sao Paolo, Brazil. Invited speaker and chair at the EU Commission session Academia and Industry: Finding the Balance at EU - Israel Technology Transfer Seminar, Tel Aviv, Israel. Manager of Copenhagen Spin-outs and responsible for the creation of 21 biotech companies 2012-2014 2012. Invited speaker end participant in expert panel at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. Reviewer of Belgian universities' technology transfer, contributed to an anthology with Chris Hables Gray and Francis Fukuyama 2011. Speaker at conference "The Posthuman Condition; Long Perspectives, Imminent Decisions"with a.o. Francis Fukuyama. Author of the EU expert report: "An Analysis of Effects of European and National Guidelines on the Implementation of New Knowledge Transfer Policies at Institutional and Member State Level" and editor of the book "Characteristics of the Innovative University" 2010. Appointed by the EU Commission as independant expert to "Knowledge Transfer Forum Expert Group" 2008/2009. Appointed member of the Editorial Consultant board for 2008. Appointed by the EU Commission as independant expert and rapporteur on the expert group "Knowledge Transfer Metrics" 2007/2008. Invited speaker at the EU-China symposion in Beijing (Pic1, Pic2). Invited speaker at Oxford University enhancement workshop. Nominated by the EU Commission for the Descartes award due to excellent and innovative science communication. Receive Svend Bergsøe Foundations mediation award 2007. Keynote at Hokkaido Universitet, Japan 2006. The books The History of Modern Culture and The Human Experiment, both 2006.

Updated summer 2013 .

The Science Café (2004)

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